ERI TM 600

The First Preclinical Whole-body ERI Scanner


Technical Specifications

Combining many of our solutions, we have made our scanner the fastest and most sensitive device on the market.

General specifications
  • Main magnet strength: 0.022T
  • Gradient strength: 13 Gs/cm
  • Modulation amplitude: 40 Gs
  • Measurement volume: 20 cm3
  • Bore size: 38 mm
Power and cooling requirements
Dimensions and space requirements

Take up a new scientific challenge!

The spatial resolution of up to 600µm ensures the best quality of image captures.

The 2-seconds examination guarantees obtaining a 3D spin probe distribution map (225 projections).

The high sensitivity of the ERI TM 600 allows the use of a low concentration of a marker, which is beneficial for animals.

The detector, which has a diameter of 38mm, is large enough to easily fit a whole mouse or small rat.

Simple and user-friendly software that is suitable even for inexperienced users.